can i stop eating?

i am reading page 73 of ‘the omnivore’s dilemma’ . i feel disgusted and nauseated about the food i eat. i am eating chemicals from factories? and just because a few corporations can make me do that ? i know the book is one-sided and doesn’t give the version of the corporates, but still.

even if i want to feed us good wholesome natural food, it is not possible anymore. i  have lost my  right to eat what i want. i can only eat what the supermarket shelves offer.

i see more bakeries with fried snacks and sweets and than groceries selling grains. even in a supermarket, there are very few aisles devoted to basic, natural food. most are packaged convenience food. most ingredients read like a chemical list.

even fresh milk is not fresh anymore – it comes from a factory. i still remember the taste of fresh milk , milked from a cow that very morning . it is divine. it is light and subtly sweet. it needs no additives to be enjoyed. the bottled milk is creamy and doesn’t go bad even after its expiry date. my daughter says, humans don’t need to drink milk.

the fruits and vegetables look alluring. they are big, beautiful, flawless, colorful. i eat it because it is supposed to be good for me. very rarely have i come across really good tasting fruits in supermarkets. it never compares to plucking a fruit from the branches and eating it immediately, even if it is partially bird-pecked. waiting for seasons to pass so that the fruit is ripe and ready for enjoying is like watching a baby grow.

one of my saddest thought is the denial of a legacy of natural foods to my children. when they are older they will be nostalgic for macdonald’s and baskin robbins . they did not taste the bliss of eating from their own garden. they don’t know the smell of the earth after the first rain. they are oblivious of days when time was slow and flowed.

i believe i must get  out of the trance created by  global economic systems and choose my own destiny. life is irreversible. but i can choose the best from what limited options are available to me . not everyone can run away and live on a farm. but each time i prepare the menu for the next week, each time i buy groceries, each time i say no to eating out ,chocolates and ice cream, i will make an atom of a difference.

switching off electronics and air conditioners, listening to the stillness and being aware , breathing fresh air, eating less and buying minimum , having a home filled with space rather than stuff, enjoying and accepting each moment by doing what i really need to do. i want to break free of  the madness of this revolution of abundance.

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