is parenting like gardening?

i decided to give my plants some attention,love and care



my chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) seemed tired with life and starting to give up

i perked them up with some peat moss

i want to try growing  the baby plants in my green and blue ikea pots




my philodendron scandens (money plant) has been stubbonly stunted for years

i am told it is one of the fastest growing plants

i have vowed  to look into the matter pronto

maybe regular watering and fertilizing will do the trick




my dracena masangeana ( sexy name !) is adamant not to destroy itself because of my lack of care

like my husband and kids

i sprayed some water and cleaned up its leaves with love as a consolatory prize




ficus elastica ( rubber plant) is my oldest green possession

it certainly requires a lifetime achievement award for holding on

barely recognizable from its youth




dieffenbachia (dumb cane)

( i checked out the scientific names for this post )

she is trying to stand straight and leads a compromised life with smaller leaves




then there is m’s lucky bamboo

since she cares for it herself , the bamboo is indeed lucky

it gets topped up with water regularly and even produces  longer leaves

maybe a larger container is required




then i have this plant which might be a succulent

i have lost many of them to the ravages of carelessness

i repotted this one

and am keeping my fingers crossed hoping some higher power will help it to survive




so how is parenting similar to gardening?

same principles apply

regular,consistent attention,love, care, weeding,fertilizing,spraying



my unlucky kids

you can imagine their state!



warning : my photography skills seem to be better than my gardening ones!

and these are the ‘after’ pics



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