a room with a view?

everytime i look out of my window

i am in awe of the sweeping vista that unfolds in front of me

clear blue skies
numberless buildings stretching till the horizon

the infinite colours of the setting sun

it is a feast for the eyes
a balm for the mind
i proclaim myself blessed

if only i gaze at it more often
more mindfully

i think of emily dickinson
who within her four walls
set free her imagination to the utmost

i think of a single building
obstructing this view forever

it is the extent to which i can open my mind
let it absorb what is in the world
nourish it and nurture it
that determines who i am

it is my intent to overcome obstructions
that life sets for me
through fitting actions
that determines success

which would i rather have
a spartan room with a view
or a swanky windowless pad


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