is there a 5 minute law for hard-boiling eggs?


i have one
i call it the 5 minute law
(reminds me of newton’s law)


i take the eggs straight from the refrigerator
pour (not directly, but to the side) plain water till eggs are just covered, nudging them awake
put it on the stove to boil (put it on bearable heat bcos the eggs might crack under pressure)


once it starts boiling, i put the timer for 5 minutes
(i am addicted to the timer on my microwave oven)
then i give my eggs 5 minutes resting time after all that hard work
this step is a must for the eggs to be fully cooked


after that pour tap water into the eggs
drain away the hot water (i pour water first bcos my sink is shocked by a sudden downpour of hot water)
submerge the eggs in lots of plain water and wait again for 5 minutes
this maneuver is required for easy shellability


shell the eggs
unless the eggs are in a non cooperative mood, they discard their shells easily and are cooked as much as i want them to.


i googled about hard-boiling eggs just before i wrote this piece
(in case my method had any fatal flaw)
i found this cool info
that boiled eggs (with the shell, i presume) can be refrigerated for upto 5 days.
so now i dont need to boil my eggs at 6 in the morning





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