do you read text books?

this must sound wierd
perhaps you would even stop reading this blog

i love reading textbooks
every year i wait for my daughters to bring in their new textbooks

i feel i want to read math, science and humanities all over again
i like to make notes, quizzes and timelines

i enjoy the notion of solving math problems
reading basic physical, chemical and life sciences

i aspire to know more about history, politics, economics and other countries
read classical, contemporary and regional literature

i wish to understand philosophy, religion and psychology
be familiar with technology, business and design

there was a time in my childhood when textbooks were the only source of information
libraries with a few dusty, uninteresting books were the sole refuge

now knowledge is ubiquitous
at the touch of a button

it has lost its exclusivity and nobility
every blog and website is a doorway to learning

but i still love textbooks
remembering the yellow dog eared ones of yore on broken down shelves


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