is doodling smart?

i am in awe of the doodles my daughters do in their diaries, corners of notebooks, on scrap paper or openly on cover pages. there is a certain innocent simplicity about childhood drawings which is impossible to recreate in adulthood. i am able to come closer to that effortless delight while doodling.

it began with an accidental discovery on youtube. i felt as if i had come home. like this is what i have been searching for. a mini enlightenment. i discovered something i could do for the rest of my life.

i bought paper and pen. usually i procrastinate once the initial high is over. but this time i did it.

it is absorbing, relaxing, creative
it needs minimum materials, little time and can be done anywhere
it can be based on any idea- simple, complex, abstract or concrete
it is hugely satisfying, on par with meditation

this was the beginning, at zendoodles
it is simple (though it looks complex)
and striking

yanghaiying bowled me over
i was in love
with these pebbles

i love japanese and chinese brush paintings
this gave me a chance to recreate it
with pen and paper
i was astounded by the result

another one from zendoodles
even if the ideas are copied
the actual drawing is based on my dexterity
it becomes me

wires, coils, springs
my very own brainchild
the possibilities are limitless


i used these




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