is your sister-in-law visiting?

i am used to having my me-time, once my husband & girls go to work and school. so if i have family staying over, i need to make some adjustments and compromises, with love. recently i discovered that i am an introvert  and thats why i like being by myself and do my own stuff. i kind of thought that there was something wrong with me all these years. but now i am enjoying my persona as it is, without the guilt of having to be like others, discovering the joy and happiness i savor in being me.

it is wrong to assume that introverts dont enjoy the company of other people. on the contrary i feel our temperaments desire a close relationship at a comfortable distance.  i am genuinely interested in people. i may not be able to express it as much because of a lack of skill and practice. surely, the intention is conveyed through unspoken means.

my  s-i-l  is visiting and i am thinking out in words how i can enjoy the whole process without getting stressed


in the kitchen

§ declutter, clean & organise the fridge

§ clean up gadgets like toaster, food processor, kettle, microwave oven, stove …

§ wipe the drawers and cupboards and put back only the things that are being used

§ check out condiments and  add to the grocery list, making sure not to overbuy

§ be aware of the tendency to buy stuff to impress


menu planning

§ make a checklist of the meals that is cooked usually and choose from this selection

§ do not plan exotic dishes

§ plan menu only for the first week, the later weeks will need minor tweaking depending on   the preferences of the guests, especially if there are kids

§ make & freeze burgers, sauces, dips beforehand to make it easier  to pack school lunch for my girls. otherwise just depend on store bought ones without guilt

§ welcome any help that is offered. ask for help, if needed

§ eat out or use home delivery occasionally



§ clean,dust

§ declutter and organize the most used areas

§ clear the surfaces, maintain

§ prepare a room for the guests

§ stock the bathroom

§ make sure the person who has given up their room is properly relocated



§ choose a set of dresses to wear at home and out, for all members of the family

§ make time in the current  laundry schedule to wash the clothes of the guests


going out

§ make a list of the places to go and when

§ have fun


blogging and other hobbies

§ do if possible, but dont stress if there is no time



§ pay attention to my man & girls

§ stick to familiar routine as much as possible

§ if there is anything that must be said (like if i want to clean my favorite pan myself or stop the kids from playing with my collectibles) express it


most important

§ enjoy the company

§ observe, know them better

§ flow with situations

§ be me


did i miss something?



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2 Responses to is your sister-in-law visiting?

  1. Sunayna Iqbal says:

    congrats on your blog! I cannot agree with you more on an introverts desire to maintain close relations by maintaining a comfortable distance…. there’s an element of contradiction in there!!….but that’s the truth.

    • rehasana says:

      thank you! i feel an introvert really listens and pays attention to the other person making it emotionally exhausting, therefore the need for space.

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