have you found your purpose in life?

this question has vexed me over the years. perhaps there are two kinds of people – those who subconsciously know what their purpose of life is and act in accordance with it and those who cannot figure it out consciously and hence live a life of rumination.

till now i belonged to the second category and i regret the years of not understanding myself and thereby not taking action or the wrong one. i suppose these are those for whom self awareness comes somewhere in the middle of their lives.

in a flash, it is as if the fog has lifted and the beauty of a landscape or seascape is manifest. there is immediately the need to make up for the lost years and an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a stream of ideas

nothing spectacular happens. life goes on. and the question pops up again.
‘i have discovered myself, but what is my purpose.’

popular culture has made us believe that the goal of living is to become a celebrity in any field. becoming known is the new tagline.

it is no longer enough to do one’s work well. there is the necessity of using techniques and technology and market oneself. in a world where more and more people are excelling, competition is tough.

but what then

the purpose of every individual’s life ought to emerge from his or her own collective life experiences and is a continuing process.

sometimes in the quest for the ultimate achievement, we tend to miss the lesser windows of opportunities that seem indistinct and lackluster. but it is the small steps and the familiar tasks that is the foundation of living a purposeful life.

it is a narrow, less travelled, winding road for some and the highways for the others.

what is it for you?


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