what would you do on your 20th wedding anniversary?

me and M have been married for 20 years as of today!
it has been a roller coaster ride and our love got bigger every year!
i don’t believe in waiting for  certain days to celebrate life.
because everyday, every moment is special!
neither do i care much about expensive gifts.
i would rather prefer something that needed time, thought and effort!
what would i do?
buy 20 different flowers
do something simple
like  lighting tons of candles
or walking on the sidewalk at night, holding hands,talking, peeping into stores
make a collection of photos over the 20 years
20 flavors of chocolate/ice-cream or whatever if weight/health not an issue
together, try to remember  something great that happened each year
have some amazing couple photos taken
i wonder what M would want to do???
what would you do?
just curious!
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