I read 7 books In January because I had no TV



I raided my daughter’s book shelf for books to read. She suggested her favorites.

When I was young, there was no genre called Young Adult. Now this genre is creating  amazing books for the adolescent/teenage reader. Personal, in-depth,honest, out of the box, fantastic – I love to read them.

Here are the 7 books I read this month.


Book One: The Book Thief  by  Markus Zusak

This was the best. A little girl’s love of books makes her a book thief in Hitler’s Germany. Endearing characters and engaging story.

book thief



Book Two: The Fault In Our Stars by  John Green

Very Good. Two teenagers who have cancer, its their story. Poignant but not sad.

the fault in our stars



Book Three: Jellicoe Road by  Melina Marchetta

Very good. Different. Adolescence, growing up, school, territorial wars, dreams, mingling of past and present, love. Confusing in the beginning, but comes together magically.

jellicoe road



Book Four:  Where She Went  by  Gayle Forman

Very good. It is a sequel of  ‘ If I Stay ‘. Goes inside the head of a teenage pop celebrity, his love for a Juilliard prodigy.

where she went



Book Five:  Wintergirls  by  Laurie Halse Anderson

Very Good. Goes deep inside the mind of an Anorexic teenager.




Book Six:  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian  by  Sherman Alexie

Good. Style Similar to the Wimpy kid. Funny. Candid.

the true diary of a part time indian



Book Seven:  Divergent  by  Veronica Ruth

Good. Dystopian. Interesting how the people are divided into factions according to their character traits in a future world.










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