Stegastein Viewpoint

At night, before sleeping, i looked up at the top of the mountain and I could see the faint light of the Stegastein viewpoint , like a faraway dot.

From the village of Aurland, we drive up the narrow mountain road along short, steep hairpin bends.

I was scared of falling off the mountain if a vehicle came from the other side!

The Stegastein  viewpoint is on the Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route between Aurland and Laerdal, about 2000m above sea level.

It is unique,  very minimalistic and scandinavian in design. It is like a waterfall in wood.










At the very end,there is only glass!




A strange sight – a watermelon in the middle of nowhere!



And then there is the fabulous view of the Aurlandsfjord!








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2 Responses to Stegastein Viewpoint

  1. That’s a fascinating design for a view point! Definitely allows for the view. Not really for those who fear heights, though.

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