The Art of Cooking while Travelling


This is the first time I am cooking on the road.

It was as if  time stood still and we had enough time to cook all our meals.

We would check out grocery stores for fresh stuff.

I was expecting a lot of kinds of fresh fish , but was disappointed.

In Norway everything is expensive. Even bread.

I particularly loved their bread cutting machines.


For breakfast we had bread, scrambled eggs and cheese with some greens.

And wild flowers.



Also pancakes with syrup or chocolate spread and boiled eggs.



We had the luxury of having proper kitchens, utensils and crockery everywhere we went.

I made sure of that while booking the hotels or rather houses.

I carried some spices, salt, pasta, rice and pancake mix, which helped.


This is my improvised pizza on pita bread.



For dinner, we had mussels;






chicken and pasta;



Everything was simple and delicious.

We even ate more fruits and salads than we ate back home.





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