The Atlantic Road and Sveggvika


From the fjords we have reached the atlantic coast.

The topography changes from huge mountains to flatter grounds.

The Atlantic road is made up of a number of bridges that connects many small islands.

It feels like driving on any other road. 

One of the bridges is very photogenic when you look at  it from the right angle.

atlantic road

atlantic road


We stayed at Sveggvika, in a fisherman’s cottage. 

Living in a city, we kind of forget what silence feels like.

I could hear it here.




We went fishing in the cool blue waters of the bay.

There is something indescribable about sitting in a small boat,surrounded by water on all sides, and waiting.

There was a pretty lighthouse in the middle.





The seagulls kept us company  and by evening we could recognise each of them!






Finally, eating the catch of the day for dinner, we felt like the hunter-gatherers of yore.



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