About me

i am a mother of 2 amazing girls and wife of the greatest man i know. here I bookmark memories as life flows.

reading is my passion. i am a knowledge collector.i like to know the philosophy and psychology behind everyday  thoughts,emotions & actions. writing is a natural byproduct. blogging has given me the space to vent my musings and share it with the whole world.

i am in awe of nature & silence. i fill my life with color and texture with art. i go aha when i see cool, creative, practical designs of any building, living space or things. i believe in minimalism. sometimes i go on a list making spree to create structure in daily living.  i am fascinated by technology.

i am a couch dreamer. this is my virtual journey from self consciousness to self awareness, from ideas to actions through savoring the smallest everyday event.

my  motto –  ‘possibilities are endless’.



i  write my experiments as a mom on experimental mom

i like to do school stuff with my girls and share math & science info on  ppurpleppatch



3 Responses to About me

  1. Great to see a fellow blogger from the city of life 😀

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